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Rig Rap

Rig Rap - It's the World's first real practical fishing rig storage device. No more tangled rigs! Easy storage!

Saves you time and money. Stows easily in your tackle box or your pocket.

Drain ports for easy rinsing. Can be strapped to any fishing rod and great for storing large lure leaders too! There is nothing else like it in the world!

" I've tried just about everything out there to keep my rigs stored without tangling, but I'm sorry to say, I haven't been happy with any of them. Along comes RIGRAP and problem solved! RIGRAP is the best rig storage product I've ever used."
J. Flash, Williamsville, NY

" I think that this is a revolutionary idea! For years I have complained that tackle boxes don't provide provisions that keep "birds nests" from appearing in my tackle box caused by twisted and tangled leaders and rigs. Now, with this product, I can spend more time fishing and less time untangling a frustrating and time consuming mess. Genius idea!"
Victor C., Cambridge Springs, PA

" Finally someone thought of something that puts the reason for going fishing back in fishing...Love it, no more tangled rigs! Thanks RIGRAP, great job! "
Greg S., Jupiter, FL


How to use your RigRap:

Open your RigRap as far as it will go. With the cover lid edge facing the palm of your hand, grip the edges and you're ready to wrap your rig!
Place either the swivel or looped end of your leader or tippet through one of the spool slots and into the center storage area of the spool.
Next, slowly begin wrapping (clockwise or counter-clockwise) your rig around the slotted spool. Be careful not to wrap your line or wire too loose or too tight!
Once you have completed wrapping your rig line or wire, carefully take your hook, lure, fly, or jig and place it into the center storage area.
Once you've secured your rig in the RigRap, close the RigRap making sure the spool lid and cover lid are secure and you're done!!!

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  1. Rig Rap - 4 Rig Holders

    Rig Rap - 4 Rig Holders

    Dimensions in package: 4 X 8.5 X 1 inches. We are ONLY selling the yellow one so far. One unit contains 4 rig holders. Learn More

  2. Rig Rap - 12 Rig holders

    Rig Rap - 12 Rig holders

    Dimensions in package: 4 X 8.5 X 1 inches 12 pack (3 units of 4). Learn More

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