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Miracle Cover

Miracle Cover - All-Purpose Liquid Sealant
Miracle Cover - Silicone Sealant
Miracle Cover outperforms and outlasts!
Miracle Cover
is a non-toxic, enviromentally friendly water-based sealant emulsion made of inorganic silicone rubber and water. Miracle Cover is Durable, Elastic, Does not Crack, is Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable!
Miracle Cover is a unique Clear Liquid Sealant formula that can be tinted, added to any paint, and applied to protect and preserve just about any surface you can think of. This super silicone sealant is ideal for marine surfaces, and protects against saltwater and UV rays for many years. You can waterproof and protect wood, canvas and fabric, leather and even coat your hull with it to protect against marine growth. Sailors find this to be the best product ever for protecting sails! Miracle Cover Marine is ideal for exposed areas that require extra protection, with double the silicone content of regular Miracle Cover.

Miracle Cover comes with a 20 year warranty!
From nail polish to the interior or exterior of a mansion, an airplane or a ship, Miracle Cover will provide protection and maintain the life and beauty of the materials it protects.

You can use Miracle Cover on almost any surface!
Wood Concrete Construction Materials
Ships Block Walls Patios
Metal Canvas Leather
Tile Boat Covers Asphalt
Plastics Tile Shingles Wooden Shingles
Fabric Stucco Paper
Carton Blueprints Brick


Miracle Cover vs. Thompson's Waterseal

Miracle Cover Comparison

We recently cleaned and re-covered our two-tiered backyard deck. We ran out of Waterseal on the first deck and decided to try some of the Miracle Cover my dad had bought for us on the second part of the deck. The difference between the products was that the Waterseal seemed to dissapear into the boards when dry, while the Miracle Cover left the wood finished, with a smoother edge to it. Probably several coats of Waterseal might have left the same finish, but the Miracle Cover did great in one coat.

Our high quality silicone sealant is available in two strengths - regular Miracle Cover and Miracle Cover Marine. What is the difference? Miracle Cover Marine has double the amount of silicone elastomer, leaving a thicker coat for a durable marine resistant finish. For indoor marine applications, standard Miracle Cover is sufficient. For outdoor marine applications, Miracle Cover Marine is recommended for 20 years of protection. Furthermore, Miracle Cover Marine is ideal for treatments for submerged parts and below the waterline. Use it once, and you'll agree that Miracle Cover Marine is the finest silicone marine sealant available anywhere.

We have used Miracle Cover on smaller projects to repel moisture and it really works, but this experience proved it for me. Next summer, it's Miracle Cover for all our decks!

Danielle J.

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