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Fish Sticks Lure Attractant

Fishsticks Lure Enhancer was formed in 2009 as a result of the founder's frustration with existing attractants on the market.

Our attractant is "Made From What Fish Eat" and comes in a retractable solid that easily fits in a shirt pocket or tackle box.

The scent is applied directly to any artificial bait without waste and stays on for hours.

Tests have shown that one Fishstick isequivalent to up to 5 bottles of spray attractant which translates to exceptional value for the fisherman.

All of our scents are a direct result of the valued feedback we receive from fishermen around the world. To date, Fishsticks offers 6 quality scents for all types of fishing. These scents include:

  • Crawfish - with Garlic
  • Shad- with Anise
  • Minnow - great for Crappie
  • Herring- an Ice Fishing favorite
  • Mullet
  • Shrimp



Richard Dunham

President Southern Illinois Saluki Bassers

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy the FishSticks. Thanks for making an awesome product!

--Sun, 02 May 2010

Wolverine Phantom

This product is ridiculous! WOW! I won 9 bass tournaments last year using this product... FishSticks is the real deal! KVD uses it for a reason, don't you think? What an OUTSTANDING new product.

--Wed, 14 Apr 2010

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