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Butt Buoy - Stars

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The Butt Buoy is an inflatable anchor marker buoy with a sense of humor! The Butt Buoy measures approx. 12" in diameter and is 8" tall.

Comes with a FREE hand pump to inflate!

Pick a color and get your BUTT in the water!

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Butt Buoy - Stars

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Q: What is a Butt Buoy? A: A Butt Buoy is an anchor marker buoy, with a sense of humor. Q: Is the Butt Buoy Inflatable? A: Yes, the Butt Buoy is inflatable, for easy storage. Q: Can the Butt Buoy be left inflated? A: Yes, the Butt Buoy is made of high quality polyvinyl chloride, and can be left inflated. It is best to remove the bathing suit during storage, so It stays clean. Q: How do I inflate my Butt Buoy? A: The Butt Buoy is best inflated with a hand pump. (like a basketball pump, also remember to moisten the needle!) --Now included FREE with your order!-- Q: Can the Butt Buoy be inflated with an air compressor? A: Yes, but it is not recommended, as the Butt Buoy inflates rather quickly. And you never want to over inflate. Q: What happens if I over inflate my Butt Buoy? A: The Butt Buoy will lay on it’s side and will not float as it is intended. Q: How much should I inflate my Butt Buoy? A: The Butt Buoy floats best when it is barely inflated. The Bottom of the Butt Buoy should look flat. Like the bottom of a rubber ducky. Q: How should I clean my Butt Buoy? A: Your Butt Buoy should be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. (Simple Green works great!) Q: Can I change the bathing suit on my Butt Buoy? A: Yes, you can order additional suits at Butt Q: Are there any other uses for my Butt Buoy? A: Yes, people have used the Butt Buoy to hold their swimming pool thermometers in their swimming pools and spas. Q: What size is the Butt Buoy? A: The Butt Buoy is approximately 12” in diameter and 8” tall. Q: Does the Butt Buoy come with a bathing suit? A: Yes, you get your choice of color when you order.

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